White German Shepherd dogs/ White Shepherds/ Berger Blanc Suisse

What are these white dogs? There is a lot of much more detailed information available, but I will keep in short and specific. If you'd like to learn more, email us and I can send you more information. Below I refer to White German Shepherds, White Shepherds, Berger Blanc Suisse dogs as "White dogs". I do not mean all breeds of white dogs when I say white dogs I mean specifically white colored German Shepherd dogs.

All of the above breed names describe white coat colored German Shepherd dogs. In the US, the breed is registered in the AKC as a German Shepherd dog, in the UKC as either a German Shepherd dog or as a White Shepherd, and in the IABCA as a White Shepherd. The FCI (World Canine Federation) recently recognized the dogs as their own breed, the Berger Blanc Suisse.

There are three breed clubs in the US:

AWSA -American White Shepherd Association- They stand for a breed apart, in other words, would like the GSDCA and AKC to let the white go from the GSD standard, and let them be their own breed like under the FCI.

WGSDCA and WGSDCI- White German Shepherd Dog Club of America/International- They stand to be a part of the German Shepherd dog. Some would like the color to be a variety like in other breeds, others would like to keep the color a DQ fault from the show ring, as they prefer to show in their own club and in the UKC, IABCA etc.

The GSDCA currently has white as a DQ fault, which means white dogs cannot show in the AKC. The WGSDCA, AWSA, UKC, IABCA and ARBA clubs have shows with classes for white dogs. The GSDCA has not decided if they will or will not change their standard to either let the color go be its own breed, be a variety or just keep it the way it is. So the fanciers of the color continue to show and title their dogs in other clubs. Some fanciers prefer it that way, because they feel that if the color becomes its own breed or variety that there will be a popularity rush and too many people will be producing white dogs just to fill the interested puppy buyers. Anytime a breed becomes popular in a short amount of time there are breeders who ignore health and temperament just to pump out as many puppies as they can. Currently, the color is fairly well known, and there is a small number of good breeders in the United States who strive to preserve the color/breed.


The white colored dogs have the same temperament as German Shepherds. What do I mean by that? They can be soft and submissive or strong high drive working dogs. There is no color specific temperament. Just as you can have a high drive DDR German Shepherd, you can have a soft, lazy show line German Shepherd. Its the same with this color. Color is just that, color. It does not influence the temperament, or health of the German Shepherd. You can find white colored dogs fit for companionship, agility, herding, conformation and even schutzhund. Look at the individual pedigree of the dog, and the progeny out of those lines and the individual temperament of the puppies to find what your looking for.

Coat types

The white colored dogs have three coat types, just as the German Shepherds do. Short, plush and longcoated. Some don't split plush off as a different coat type, but it really is not the same as short. The best coat, and most correct coat is the plush coat. When you are looking for a specific coat type, be sure the breeder knows what you are asking for. Many breeders have not studied the breed long enough and only breed for color.



A true longcoat has long hair all over the dogs body and has long hair covering the ears. A plush coat has a longer fur covering the dogs body, except the ears remain short. A shortcoat has short hair all over the dogs body.


The White color can vary in richness just as the German Shepherd dogs tan can vary in richness, giving you a black and silver or cream to a black and red. The same intensity in the German Shepherd colored dogs resides in the white dogs. You will find some white dogs with bright white coats with no cream. Others have cream highlights throughout their coat. The white dogs always have white/cream faces. You will not find a white dog with a black/gray or otherwise mask, that would be a colored German Shepherd dog.

White is a masking gene. Which means, white masks the color of the dog genetically. All white dogs, are genetically a colored dog masked white. When you breed a white dog to a colored dog that does not carry for the white masking gene you will find the color of the white dog (with some exceptions-for example black would not show unless both parents carried for black). That is why you see a great variety of whiteness in the white dogs. Some white dogs are masked black and reds or red sables and the red comes through on the coat. Others are masked black dogs or silvers and the red intensity does not come through on the coat. The red/cream coloring is a beautiful part of the breed, and there is not a more beautiful dog than a white longcoat with cream/red highlights.

Breeders who work hard at having strong German Shepherd bloodlines, and who want to stay true to the German Shepherd breed often have cream/red coloring in their dogs coats. Breeders who only breed for color can boast that they have bright white dogs. Anytime they breed for color alone, they lose on health, temperament, conformation and everything else the breed is. What would you rather, an unhealthy bright white dog with horrible conformation, or a healthy beautiful white dog with some cream highlights and a pedigree with top Champion dogs? All breeders can strive to have bright white dogs, but breeders that promise it, are often breeding only for color and lose on everything else.

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