About White Stone Kennels

We live in the country in Minnesota on a property we bought just for the dogs. Our lives revolve around our dogs. We feed the bones and raw foods diet, which is the best food. They enjoy fresh raw beef, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood. The real deal, not processed kibble in a bag. We have bred/owned/trained and titled top White German Shepherd dogs in the breed.

Our beautiful Disney won Select #1 at the WGSDI Nationals as a puppy winning over all the adults, and became one of the best longcoated Champions in the world. Our Gorgeous Rose was the #1 WGSD in the WGSDCA before she retired from the show ring. Our own bred Champion Afroman finished multiple Championships and went Select earning top placements all before turning 2 years old. Our International Champion Noble is won his International Championship with four excellent ratings, winning Best of Breed all four shows, all in one weekend, his first weekend at a dog show. Our Apache earned his International Championship with four V1 awards and four herding group placements.

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