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We have bred/owned/trained and titled top White German Shepherd dogs in the breed. Our beautiful Disney won Select #1 at the WGSDI Nationals as a puppy winning over all the adults, and became one of the best longcoated Champions in the world. Our Gorgeous Rose was the #1 WGSD in the WGSDCA before she retired from the show ring. Our own bred Champion Afroman finished multiple Championships and went Select earning top placements all before turning 2 years old. Our International Champion Noble is won his International Championship with four excellent ratings, winning Best of Breed all four shows, all in one weekend, his first weekend at a dog show. Our Apache earned his International Championship with four V1 awards and four herding group placements.

White's have always been a part of the German Shepherd breed. The color white is one of the original colors of the German Shepherd Dog breed. The developer of the breed, Max Von Stephanitz, owned several white German Shepherd dogs. Today, the color has gone in many different directions and is registered as; AKC- German Shepherd dogs coat color- white. UKC- as either German Shepherd dogs- coat color white, or as White Shepherd dogs. In the IABCA as White Shepherd dogs. And in FCI countries they changed the name all together, and they are called Berger Blanc Suisse dogs. If you study the bloodlines, you'll find the same dogs behind all of these dogs. Breeders in FCI countries have used some of our dogs in their bloodlines, as well as use many of the same well known bloodlines behind our dogs.

We are always working hard at improving the breed. Many years of hard work has gone into our bloodlines to get to where we are today.

We generally have a litter or two a year. If you are interested in a puppy email us and we can get you on our waiting list. If you prefer an adult dog, we occasionally will have an adult dog available for adoption.

Email us for more info dreamwgsd@yahoo.com

International Champion Apache


A couple of pictures of some of our past dogs

WGSDCA and UKC Champion Sleeping Beauty of Honeyhill "Rose"

BISS Select #1 Regalwise Lil Snow White "Disney"

One of our puppies from a past litter

One of our puppies from a past litter

A very good looking male we bred a few years ago.

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